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January 2014

Dear Friends:

For WomenSpirit, 2014 marks 19 years in business. Thanks to you, we continue to grow. We have steadily added jobs and now have 12 associates. We add more during spring and summer, our busiest seasons. All of our robes, vestments and most of the blouses are made in Kansas City, Missouri. We have grown to a level that has led us to send out part of the blouse production. A small, woman-owned business in Dallas is helping produce some of our clergy shirts.

WomenSpirit Staff

We are so proud that we have generated good jobs that pay fair wages. In addition, in 2011 we began offering health insurance to our staff. We had tried several times in the past but were not able to. However, we felt it was a social-justice issue, and, with the help of tax credits that became available, we went ahead.

For me, coming to work every day is so satisfying! I love the sound of sewing machines and the knife running at the long cutting table. The jobs in the garment industry that employed so many people from the 1930s through 1980s in the U.S. have mostly gone overseas. I do not begrudge the people in other countries having good work; they need it also. It is a lower-profit business, and garment-manufacturing companies have moved overseas for cheap labor.

All of our costs have gone up drastically in the last few years. Fabric prices have increased due to the rise in commodities such as cotton and silk. The cost of oil caused cost increases in polyester and for transporting the fabric here from China. (Most fabric for apparel is now made in China or other parts of Asia.) For that reason, we have had to increase our prices slightly at the beginning of 2014. We have absorbed cost increases in the past, but we cannot continue to do that and remain a viable business. Patty and Ann

We strive to be your best source of women’s clergy garments in design, fabric and quality, as well as service. Our pledge is to provide you with striking, well-made robes and other garments and to keep you coming back to WomenSpirit for years to come. We are proud of our products, and we stand behind them completely. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

We made a big leap in 2010 and started Abiding Spirit. It is our fraternal branch, producing well designed robes and vestments for men. Please refer your male colleagues to for more information.

We love to hear from you! We listen and create new products from your input. Please keep your suggestions and comments coming. You can e-mail us from our contact page or click here:


Patty Fitzpatrick
Founder and Partner

Quick Ship Robes and Albs

10 days*
3 colors
4 styles

*business days

Fitted Shirts in Short Sleeves

in both Neckband and Tab collar


Our stoles are available in Petite and Average lengths.

River of Life stole at right.

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