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Blouse Fit Type


Relaxed fit, easy moving and loose. Fullest sleeves and short sleeves are longer.

Styles in the Classic Fit
    Neckband collar
  • 3101 Cotton Shell Sleeveless
  • 3103 Shell Short Sleeve
  • 3105 Micro Shell Sleeveless
  • 3201 Shell Long Sleeve
    Tab collar
  • 3308 Soft Classic Short Sleeve
  • 3408 Soft Classic Long Sleeve


Not too slim, not too loose, a natural fit. Sleeves are not tight, short sleeves are not short.

Styles in the Tailored Fit
    Neckband collar
  • 3110 Knit Short Sleeve
  • 3115 Basic Shirt Short Sleeve
  • 3210 Knit Long Sleeve
  • 3215 Basic Shirt Long Sleeve
    Tab collar
  • 3310 Knit Short Sleeve
  • 3315 Basic Shirt Short Sleeve
  • 3410 Knit Long Sleeve
  • 3415 Basic Shirt-Long Sleeve


Close to the body, narrower shoulders and smaller sleeves.

Styles in the Fitted Fit
    Neckband collar
  • 3106 Fitted Shirt 3/4 Sleeve
  • 3109 Empire Waist Knit Short Sleeve
  • 3112 Sleeveless Knit Shell
    Tab collar
  • 3306 Fitted Shirt 3/4 Sleeve
  • 3312 Sleeveless Knit Shell
Quick Ship Robes and Albs

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Fitted Shirts in Short Sleeves

in both Neckband and Tab collar


Our stoles are available in Petite and Average lengths.

River of Life stole at right.

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